Smart Manufacturing and Energy Education

workshops and training: manufacturing personnel

Training, Education, and Workshops

Factory IQ provides education, training and workshops to customers who want to learn about smart manufacturing methods and technologies to improve processes efficiencies that will add capabilities with Lean and quality improvement intiatives by applying advanced technologies and best practices to thier process. We map the missing linkes between strategy, metrics, operations and quality with continuous improvement with better tracking, data management, operations and quality integrated into every step and operational sequence with standards using good automated manufacturing practices (GAMP 5). Workshops are structured to educate around processes gaps, technology, root causes, analysis, and analytics to better understand how to improve your people work force skills and knowledge while improving process capabilities and safety. Our training focuses on executives, senior managers, directors, engineers, maintenance, procurement, continuous improvement, quality, and customer support personnel.

Training, Education, and Workshop Offerings

Manufacturing Technology and Lean Workshops
    • Introduction to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing
    • Brown Bag Lunch Education: Smart Manufacturing and Energy
    • Asset Performance 4.0
    • Predictive Analytics and Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Demand Planning to Production Resource Scheduling
    • Production Asset Tracking and Downtime
    • Batch Recipe and Control Automation
    • ISA-95 Enterprise Control Integration Standards
    • Quality Control and Finished Goods Inventory
Smart Grid, Energy and Technology Workshops
    • Understanding Smart Grid, Energy Services and Programs
    • Distributed Energy Resources Management
    • Virtual Power Plants and Micro-grids
    • Energy Management Systems
    • Battery Storage Systems
    • Solar PV and Operations Maintenance
    • Electric Vechile Charging Systems