Jim Baker, AECOM - Energy Program and Technical Manager
Rod's company, Factory IQ has been able to blend experience in IT, Smart Grid, renewable energy, demand response, and data center experience into an award winning, leading edge virtual power plant network. This was the first "Smart Grid" I know of deployed by any US utility and has won lots of awards. He always "wows" the client in any presentation with his technical and business knowledge. His business model has lots of common sense and proven technologies. As the big players now start to develop their Smart Grid concepts, they are always surprised to discover that Rod has already deployed it several years ahead of them. Rod is one of the best technologists in the utility industry I know, and backs it up with a strategic vision supporting operational excellence. He gets my vote as one of the best developers of intelligent engineered solutions for the utility grid of the future.
Mark Osborn, Cadmus Group - Senior Associate (Formerly PGE Smart Grid Manager)
Factory IQ's experience with systems integration is world-class where they were doing smart grid projects with my team before that phrase was coined. If you are interested in any aspect of the internet of things (IoT) connecting to your SCADA, EMS or other systems, I would check in with Factory IQ. Their training with Microsoft down to the controls experience with a broad array of systems from the factory floor to executive offices is one of the best I have been associated. If you want to improve efficiency or move data across different departments in manufacturing or energy, I encourage you to seek their advice. I have over many years and it has only led to a lot of success and new innovation that benefited our organization.
Mark Roma, WIPRO Limited - MES/MOM Practice Manager

Factory IQ's people are excellent communicators and keen listeners with the unique ability in maintaining and understanding a holistic view of the customer’s enterprise. They understand disparate manufacturing operations, flows, processes, business systems, and stakeholder objectives must all work together synchronously in concert to achieve true organizational transformation and operational excellence aligned to program initiatives and corporate governance.

Factory IQ excels in understanding and translating customer needs into actionable plans. Their expertise in clearly defining, planning and implementing scalable and repeatable models of deployment based upon the ISA95 model maximizes a customer’s time, capital and resource budgets with justified ROI in complex multi-faceted end-to-end technology transformation projects.

Dave Hardin, Smart ELectric Power Alliance - Chief Architect
Rod Parry is an innovative leader and has been very active and impressive in applying modern technology to help solve the difficult energy management and Smart Grid challenges we are facing today. He and his company, Factory IQ, have developed new architectures and systems for distributed generation and energy management solutions that has help utilities, energy providers, and businesses manage and sustain resilient energy production, power, control and utilization. I highly recommend Factory IQ for companies looking to solve complex challenges with smart grid.
Michael Gottsacker, Third Wave Systems - Regional Director
Over the past several years I have gotten to know Rod Parry and Factory IQ as an industry thought leader in; S95 standards, manufacturing operations management, and energy asset management. Factory IQ deep understanding and forward thinking systematic approach to solving the many challenges manufacturers face today in becoming more agile, flexible and adaptive is without a doubt unique and highly sought after. Factory IQ strength in educating their customers on the importance of placing unifying, real-time systems that allow them to respond efficiently to these challenges has proven to be invaluable to his customers needs for, continuous improvement and cost saving efforts. Factory IQ is tireless in their pursuit of identifying proven technologies and solutions that supports operational excellence and continuous improvement initiatives that provide customers real-time data and manufacturing intelligence with measurable results.