Smart Grid Energy and Renewable Solutions

Utiities, Smart Grid, and Distributed Energy Resource  Renewables

Smart Grid and Renewables

The national electrical grid has gone through a transformation developing a smart grid across the US consisting of utilities, national labs, industrial, residential and commercial users. Factory IQ was an early innovator in smart grid starting in 2006 building the first utility-scale virtual power plant and micro-grid using distributed renewable energy resources that today generates over 100 MW for peaking power as a demand response system. Since that time we have spent over 10 years working in smart grid with utilities, research labs and leaders bringing the next generation of innovation, disruptive technology and system engineering. Factory IQ ™ offers strategy, engineering, technology, integration, security and validation services from the cloud connecting control centers and facilities integrating behind-the-meter equipment and systems with demand response and power generation.

Distributed Energy Resources

In 2017 UtilityDive completed a study that detailed some of the most pressing issues facing utilities that comprises a growing complexity of power resources, networks, and disruptive technologies, with the integration of renewable distributed resources. Among these things cyber security and policy management with state and federal FERC/NERC regulations have become major concerns to the industry. Since 2004 Factory IQ has been helping utilities and building customers with these challenges transforming energy networks with advanced engineering and technologies connecting and controlling distributed energy resources as resilient energy power networks. Our expertise includes award-winning distributed energy resource management and data intelligence integrated as virtual power plants and micro-grids with complete behind-the-meter two-way communications and integration with PV solar, generators, battery storage, electric vehicle charging, smart metering, and energy harvesting.

Distributed Energy Resources

PV Solar Production Plant

Utility Scale PV and Solar Plants

The growth of utility PV capacity continues to grow as industrial, commercial and residential customers install solar assets for generation, storage, energy efficiency and utility cost avoidance strategies. Customers are now discovering that these assets need complete full life-cycle asset management with O&M maintenance supported by vendor warranties. Real-time information data management is needed to sustain production efficiency with performance (sunlight, radiance, weather), diagnostics and O&M (cracking, optical properties). Factory IQ provides complete asset management, historical data and real-time monitoring with diagnostics, cell optimization, and performance tracking.

Enterprise Energy Management

Energy efficiency Resource Standards adopted in more than 20 US States, is raising the importance of energy management, tuning processes, reducing costs and harvesting energy for conservation. Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) provides an integrated response to these challenges. Factory IQ provides energy management that combines real-time process and event data management collected as historical time series data. Our solutions provide complete asset management, utility billing, energy analytics, metering, project energy conservation measures, O&M and measurement and validation.

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Batch Recipe and Control Management

Smart Grid Devices, Power Control and Metering

Factory IQ's services goes beyound the system engineering and data information maanagement. We offer our customers complete power engineering and control with smart devices, schemes, specification, power protection, and design packages. Our experience covers integration, communications, and upgrades to PLC control programming, networking IoT edge devices to engineering the complete system.

System Integration, Testing and Commissioning

Factory IQ offers our customers a complete commissioning and testing process for industrial, power and energy systems. Our implementation process involves a SAT (system acceptance test), FAT (factor acceptance test), pre-construction and construction stages tasks and the retro-fitting. We provide point-to-point check outs, simulation, unit and system testing with validation and sign-off. We work with our customers to sign-off every detail so that the system is functioning and peforming to scope of work, design criteria, specifications, and engineering requirements.

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