Industrial Smart Manufacturing

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Industry 4.0 - Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is a new technological evolution and paradigm shift in manufacturing operations technology that moves away from a centralized to a decentralized agnostic "open" vendor model.   In 2017 published a IIoT maturity study that found 86% of industrial organizations are now adopting and investing in Industry 4.0, IIoT and Smart Manufacturing. The IIoT study also showed that 95% of those interviewed believe that it is having a significant impact by improving connectivity (78%), visualization (83%) and advanced analytics (48%).

Smart Manufacturing is more than connecting the enterprise with operations, it harmonizes and orchestrates business, quality and control processes to unlock new capabilities to be more responsive with customers. At Factory IQ, we are committed to these goals by providing solutions to help companies find new revenue opportunities with smarter intelligence, decision making and operational efficiencies.

Smart Asset Performance 4.0

Asset Performance Management combines four types of asset efficiency with maintenance, operations, information, and energy management. Manufacturers now run under tighter margins due to competition, pricing pressures, and resources with improved quality and compliance.

Managing and balancing assets against availability, reliability, down time, failures, risk and cost is a never ending challenge. Equipment and assets always fail at the least expected time that ends up having huge costs and impacts. There is a smarter way to manage the life cycle costs, down time, costs and MTTR repairs with assets. To help with this we offer a smart manufacturing APM 4.0 solution that puts greater intelligence at your finger tips. We combine an open solution combining asset performance, equipment downtime tracking, real-time visibility, OEE performance, and CMM maintenance with predictive analytics.

  1.   Improved asset performance and reliability
  2.   Better quality with shorter lead times
  3.   Increased asset real-time visibility (web client), utilization and OEE performance
  4.   Increased production throughput and shift down time losses by category and reason codes
  5.   Diagnose asset health and PLC conditions, alarms and events with real-time time-series data
  6.   Track maintenance unplanned vs planned work orders and time to repair
  7.   Predictive analytics and root cause analysis identifying process anomalies and failures

Asset Performance Costs

plant production and quality metrics

Plant Performance Metrics

Manufacturing, utilities and energy companies all have different kinds of assets, production lines, facilities, services and products. Performance metrics are important to understand if you are meeting your plan vs. budget goals. We offer KPI meter solutions that integrate into plant networks, assets, controllers and operations. Measuring capabilities, schedule, yields, costs, scrap, waste, turn-over ratios, utilization, throughput, and downtime against measures with orders, fullfillmeent, cycle time and customer service are important to your operations. Factory IQ helps companies develop KPI metrics and visual boards integrated into your process delivering better connectivity and visibility.

ISA-95 Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) is a methodology and ISA-95 standards approach for viewing end-to-end manufacturing process from your ERP to production plant floor and quality operations. The standard provides a manufacturing operation model for product definitions, production planning, scheduling and operations performance with real time data and intelligence. The ISA-95 offers a standard language, terminology and data model for plant operations with manual, SOP and real-time event activities using validated data store transactions to track assets, material movements, consumption, routing and resources using detailed scheduling, resource management, dispatching, product tracking, and execution. Factory IQ helps companies who want better control, connectivity and visibility to track operational work activities, efficiencies and costs with materials, resources, quality and performance.

MES Operational Product Tracking

Batch Recipe and Control Management

ISA-S88 Batch Recipe and Control Management

Batch process operations need a flexible batch operation strategy to enforce repeatable consistent batches to reduce batch cycle times while increasing efficiency, quality and capacity. Batch processes and resources require standardized control procedures and control states to optimize batch weighing, ingredient variations, manual hand adds, pump transfers, mixing speed, temperature pumping and routing control. Whether it is making a product or performing clean-in-place FDA 21 CFR compliance procedures between batches. Factory IQ offers complete batching recipe control using ISA-88 standards to optimize consistent batch processes. We offer standardized procedures with master-control recipes allocating equipment resources tracking batch performance, materials, and quality.

Process Automation and Control

Process automation provides plant operations the ability to implement complex control strategies to automatically control process equipment with plant floor hybrid configurations using continuous, batch, discrete, material handling and packaging systems. We use ISA-95 standards and automation cGMP best practices implementing programmable controllers, PID loops, instruments, pumping systems, batching, bar code and packaging systems. Our designs use well structured systematic and logic control designs that are documented and easy to support. Factory IQ's experience goes beyond the control. We work with all aspects of operations, engineering and maintenance personnel combining deep process application, control engineering, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation through start-up, commissioning and training.

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