Manufacturing Industries

Areospace Facility Assets and Tools


Aerospace relies on availability, capacity, and efficiency with its equipment assets, people and resources as keys to maximize profit while avoiding unplanned outages and shorten cycle times to proactively optimize revenue. We are experts with Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing managing asset equipment performance, real-time data visualization, product material flows, assembly, consumption, work-instructions, compliance and traceability. We help improve accuracy and cost while reducing risks.

Automotive Production Assets and Tools


Automotive requires a repetitive process assembly build-to-order process with its assets, equipment, resources, and people. Tracking each operation and control step requires an orchestrated process with work flows starting from customer order to assets and resources with chassis build, coating lines, materials, part assembly, work instructions, body paint, interior assembly, and specification tests. We offer Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing and asset performance systems with business intelligence to improve accuracy, risk and costs.

Pulp and Paper Mill Assets

Consumer Good Products

Consumer goods production lines have complex processes with equipment, batching, blending, and pumping systems converted into customer orders by robotic packaging systems. We provide advanced manufacturing and asset performance systems starting with instruments, sensors, and controllers to complete plant-wide information systems integrating and retrofitting existing systems. We offer Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing and asset performance to improve efficiencies, cost and performance.

Food and Beverage Production Assets

Food and Beverages

Food and Beverage companies need to respond rapidly to changes in customer demands, while keeping costs in check while looking for new opportunities to save and improve to stay ahead of the competition. We offer extensive industry knowledge with industry 4.0 smart manufacturing to give you complete control over your assets, processes and people so you can fully focus on your core business. Find out how Factory IQ can help lower your risks, cut down time and improve quality with our strategy, asset and energy solutions!

Medical and Electronic Equipment Assets

High-Tech and Electronic

High-tech manufacturers are more than ever under pressure to maximize profits quickly before each new product is rendered obsolete. The objective is simply to keep supply chain costs and risks down through suppliers. We offer an approach with asset management with complex machines, people and process that combines real-time data, analytics, machine learning, and with energy intelligence with industry 4.0 smart manufacturing. Find out why Factory IQ has the best in class solutions, service and support that the large vendors can't even match.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Assets

Pharmaceutical Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging systems need comprehensive set of validation and operations improvement solutions to address FDA regulatory compliance (21 CFR Part 11 and 211), production performance, quality and compliance with full validation address a Risk-Based Approach with SAT, FAT, IQ, OQ, and PQ. Our asset performance, analytics, and energy management solutions with real-time information offer industry 4.0 smart manufacturing to get the right information to the right person.