Utilities, Energy Storage and Renewables

Utiltiy Smart Grid

Utility Substation Assets

Smart grid is getting smarter with feeder distribution, substation IED technologies, automation and renewable resources. Over the last 10 years we've been working with utilities, energy and research national labs developing distributed technologies with energy resource management (DERMS), virtual power plants (VPP), and smart grid systems. Find out why these companies use us to develop new business models, strategies and open solutions to connect SCADA, weather, forecasting, communication, and industry standards supporting thier programs and intiatives.

PV Solar Renewables

Utility Scale PV Facilities

The demand for utility scale PV Solar is growing as more buildings, facilities, PV plants, electric vechicle charging, hospitals, and waste treatment plants look to these kinds of renewable assets to compliment thier energy needs. We offer the most complete intelligent PV monitoring systems working with utilities aggregating generation with battery systems, generators and biogas systems. We integrate smart inverters, string monitoring with asset O & M management, yield analysis, weather, operation and maintenance, and diagnostics.

Battery Storage Assets

Battery Storage Facilities

Utilities are building out energy storage while universities, buildings, hospitals, retailers and facilities are investing in battery storage to off-set demand charges, reduce energy bills and support emergency power needs. As utilities build out new energy capacity set by new rules, regulations, strategies and policies we offer the best technologies to monitor and control your battery banks with distributed energy into the utility using machine learning AI and metering to take advantage of new business opportunities to sell back and manage excess capacity to the utilties.

EV Charging Stations with PV

PV Electric Vehicle Charging

There are over 30 different electric car models with many different types of battery charging modes. One of the next challenges is figure out how to use these chargers into a virtual power plant as resources with energy distributed resource management. For the customer there are opportunities to sell excess capacity to the utilities. Learn how our IIoT cloud solution using IEC-63110 back end standards to integrate real-time data intelligence from EV chargers as part of a open data collection and DERMS virtual power plant.

power generation

Standby Generators

Emergency Standby Generators are used in nearly every facility to protect against utilities power outages to keep critical facility and building loads operating at peak peformance. Find out why utilites and customers come to us providing smart intelligent systems that monitoring in real-time with power systems, relay protection, asset diagnostics, building loads, HVAC, genertor gensets. We provide solutions that allow you sync your power genration back to grid during non critcal times.

Biogas and Biomass Assets

Biogas and Biomass Facilities

Biogas, wood biomass and anerobic digesting is becoming more and more a viable option find better ways to manage environmental waste with wood, food and agriculture waste. Find out how we work with site developers and engineering companies to develop smart intelligent biomass/gas systems converting methane to create power generation that can sold back the utilities as rewable energy resource power integrated into a DERMS virtual power plant.