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Industry Process Experience

Areospace Manufacturing Assembly and Processes
Fuselage carbon radial frame and stringer manufacturing process: material prep, molding, linear forming, tooling, curing, quality control, inspections, and packaging. Fuel access doors, passenger service units, inventory, order management, BOM, ECO, production, scheduling, routing, plastic injection molding, die casting, CNC, welding, machining, shearing, paint, x-ray, assembly, testing, quality control and assurance.
Automotive Plants - MTO Assembly and Build Processes
Custom truck manufacturing and tire plants. Build to order (MTO, ETO), chassis line and frame build up, assembly, components, gauging, prep areas, e-coat prep, cab build up, paint booth, fixtures, robots, work-instructions, paper, traveler, tool setup, torque tools, online/off-line rework tracking system.
Food and Beverage Plants
Bakeries, breweries, Cheese and Whey Plants, Salad Dressing Plants, Cream & Butter Plant, Remnet Casien Plants, Ingredients: broths and fats, protein ingredients, mayonnaise and salad dressings, bottling, grain and barge facilities, bottling plants, batching plants, CIP, filling, weighing, packaging, palletizing and warehouse distribution. Whey Lactoferrin UF, Whey Pretreat, RO membranes, evaporators, storage silos, concentrated lactose, decalcification, evaporation, dryers, and packaging lines.
Consumer Goods
Pulp and paper mills, tobacco plants, filtration, waste plants and ammunition facilities. Processes include stock prep, batch digesters, washing and screening, bleaching, paper machines, wet-end, steam drying control, calendar control, roll handling and tracking. Blending, ratio control, PID control, CIP, evaporators, steaming, extruders, packaging, robots, conveyor systems, sorters, bottling filling, packaging, wrappers, boxing, verification, validation, vision inspection, label printing, and palletizing.
Hi-Tech, Semiconductor, and PV Manufacturing
E-manufacturing, process fab tools (SECS-II/GEMS, ) and MES Systems with yield management and meterology with SPC and SQC analysis. Tools for reuse, MPVD, back metal, etch, bond, wash, interconnection, arc test, meterology, laminate, connector assembly, labeling and packaging. High purity water facilities - high resistivity RODI equipment, processes and systems. Pumping systems, carbon filters, chemical metering pumps, UV, media filters, mixed beds, polishing, bacteria destruction, regeneration, MCC's, and controls, and instrumentation.
Medical and Electronics
Circuit board manufacturing, baths, etching, electrolysis copper plating, wave soldering, harnesses assemblies, wiring, cabling, connectors and tooling.
Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
Bioreactors, autoclaves, spray drying, vacuum systems, formulation/hydration, homogenizers, TCU's, sterilization chambers, sterile vial filling, freeze drying, TCU’s, parts washers, lyophilizers, solid dose packaging, vial packaging, dispensing, bottling packing line (capper, labeler, case packer, palletizers). Lab equipment – incubators, HPLC, UPLC, TOC, instruments, furnace, ovens etc. Utilities and chemicals - methanol, chloroform storage, chilled water, air, steam, boilers, potable water, wifi, hvac.
Paper Mills and Converted Products
Paper mills and products: tissue, news print, recycled and coated papers. Wood mill species separation, washing and screening, bleaching, pulpers, digesting, and cooking (batch, kamyr), forming, roll handling, converting plants, filter plants, steam plant, converting plants consisting of winders, stackers, wrappers, saws, conveyors, sorting, sealers, palletizing, barcoding, shipping).
Utilities and Energy
Distributed energy resource power management, microgrids, energy managment, transactive energy, pricing and demand response system using standards (IEC-61850 and OpenADR), renewables, stand-by generators, PV grids, electric vechiles, battery charing systems, turbines and biogas plants. Program design, enteprise energy management (large scale building facilities), energy efficiency, feeders, building load management, and energy conservation with IPMV measurement and validation. Utility integration with control centers, third party providers, power dispatching, scheduling (Day-Ahead), utility grade metering, and substation automation.
Warehouse Management and Distribution
Order management, order filling, replenishment, bin reordering, order picking, packing, label and manifest prep, shipping scheduling, automated warehouse stacker storage control, automated converyor management and routing, carousels, sorting with barcode scanners, label printers, palletizers, shrink wrapping, truck scheduling, fullfillment, shipping, bill of lading, and automated truck trailer loading.
Enterprise Supply Chain Systems
Expertise with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Oracle EBS with APICS sales, forecasting and operations planning practices and processes. PLM, Inventory, BOM's, scheduling, products, SKU's, master data, capacity and production performance.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Business use case development and roadmaps to developing IIoT applications connected to utilities, energy and manufacturing for predictive analytics. Mashups combining geospatial maps, weather, and energy data combined with supply chain and market data costs with operational data. Remote site connections leveraging cloud and wireless LTE with real-time process, event, alarm and diagnostic data to assets, scada, OEE, CMMS, OPC, PLC and process automation.
Utilty, Energy and Buildings
Expertise developing demand response, distributed energy resource management and energy managment systems supporting utilties, smart buildings, and facilities behind the meter with renewable resources (generators, PV, smart inverters, biogas) wtih IPMV verification protocols.
Manufacturing Operations
Domain expertise with multiple vendor MES/MOM systems managing the operations, product, equipment and resource scheduling, finite capacity scheduling, materials, assets, SOP, product specs, equipment specs, yields and sampling, KPI metrics, machine control, work instructions and resource managment. Material inspection, procurement, production orders, setups, batching, recipes, product changer over, setups, OEE, calculations, track and track modules, cycle time, down time, rework, work-in-progress, material consumption, consumables consumption, finished goods. Integrated SCADA distributed systems, HMI, machine control, historians, S88 batching systems, SPC/SQC, reporting, FDA and ISO compliance standards (auto, food and life sciences) production, quality, analysis and ERP databases, lab information systems, and pharmaceutical packaging line serialization.
Process Control and Automation
Expertise designing, engineering (process + electrical), programming, testing and commissioning automation systems. Automation includes all types of equipment, OEM systems, CHP, and plant processes (continous, batch, discrete, assembly, packaging). ISA-95 level 0-5 including industrial networks, routers, DMZ zones, OPC-UA, PLC's, programing, PID loops, MCC's, VFD, pumps, hydraulics. Large facility conveyor management, merging, traffic control, merging and sorting. Control rooms setup, arrangements, setworks, positioning, cameras, vision, robots, CNC, grading, instrumentation, paper machine control, dryer control, calendar, packaging equuipment, barcode (1D/2D), RFID, location systems, palletizing and additive manufacturing.