Customer Awards

Schneider Electric - Wonderware Global Award (8 years) - PGE Distributed Renewable Energy Generation

Submitted to Wonderware PGE's Dispatchable Generation (DSG) program in an open global competition receiving Hall of Fame as one of top 16 customer stories and awards globally for 8 straight years. Factory IQ was PGE's solution provider and consultant implementing the nations leading dispatchable generation energy resource system that produces over 100MW as a utility grade lowest cost resource peaking power demand response system. Today after 10 years in operation the system connects to 85 remote customer assets (20,000 data points scanned every second) consisting of stand-by generators, PV solar, and biogas plant integrated into PGE's and BPA Dittmer's control centers. The DSG system was also a key player that participated in the $178M Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demo Project along with 11 other utilities connecting to a 5MW 1.25MWh lithium battery storage facility in Salem, Oregon. The system also connects into real-time to 13.5 MW thin-film solar projects that monitors advanced inverters (sensing voltage and current in panels, arrays and strings) providing power generation to several Prologis logistics warehouses and solar farms in Portland, Oregon

The customer DSG solution additionally received 2006 Peak Alliance Management Award, 2008 Best HMI/SCADA, 2009 Solar Pioneer Award from the Oregon Department of Energy and several front page articles from Control Engineering, Power Engineering, and Solar Magazines. As a result of program, awards, and the work done by the PGE team was recognized by NBC Nightly News and the NY Times.

Gridwise Architectural Council - Gridwise Applied Award

The GWAC council awarded Factory IQ the Gridwise Applied Award for a project that demonstrated the complexity of aggregating geographically distributed standby generators and renewables into a coherent dispatching and control system. The project integrates many different products from different vendors and highlights the need to improved interoperability and applying the principles espoused by the GWAC.

The GridWise® Architecture Council (GWAC) was formed by the U.S. Department of Energy that promotes and enables interoperability among the many entities that interact with the nation's electric power system. The (GWAC) council is a team of industry leaders from electric utilities, labs, government bodies, and providers who are shaping the guiding principles, and/or architecture, of a highly intelligent and interactive electric utility grid system— with actionable data decision-making information exchange and market-based opportunities.

Plant Brewery Application - Wonderware Best SCADA and Batch Solution Award

Submitted a Brewery project for SCADA and automation application into completion that received best application and HMI for operating a brew house control room for a batch control, recipe and SCADA management system for the mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, cooling, and fermentation. Production was increased 57% (8 to 14 brews/day) with automated recipe clean-in-place sterilization with process tanks and piping. The system provided process trending to all process variables, alarm limits, auto/manual modes, #batches, SQL database recipes, sequence, temperatures, pH, tank levels, valve positions (open/closed), and process events. The system enabled a consistent brew process allowing the brew master, operations, engineering, and operators to complete batches with reduced variation and tune process parameters and diagnose problems when the process got out of quality specifications and conformance. Real time monitoring provided visiblity and tracking of production orders, product#, batch ID# and process parameters (level, temp, press, pH, CO2) with long- term history, equipment sequencing, start/stops, safety equipment interlock, and PLC equipment diagnostics through each brew stage of the process.

Wonderware and Managing automation published several articles that led to several customer site visits from Procter and Gamble, Mobil Oil and Miller Brewing engineering teams. Wonderware presented the brew application during a world tour and trade shows. Wonderware elected Mr. Parry to their customer advisory committee consisting of top engineers and managers from Procter and Gamble, Mobil Oil, Philip Morris, and several other companies.