Smart Buildings, Data Centers, Power and Energy Assets

Utiltiy Smart Grid

Smart Building Controls

Buildings waste and energy represent the largest opportunity to increase operational asset energy efficiency. Building asset equipment no longer just represent HVAC and CHP providing comfort to the tenants but now represents retrofiting buildings with battery storage banks and PV solar selling excess capacity back to the utilities. Factory IQ offers over 10 years working with utilities, buildings and programs transforming buildings with smart building intelligence and distributed energy.

power generation

Data Center Monitoring

Data Center cooling capacity and power system design are the two most important factors understanding how much power is consumed verus the cooling. Our strategies, controls and asset performance analysis with predictive machine learning tools providing real-time energy efficiency improvements with data center loads. We offer IIoT solutions, assessments, and engineering with smart asset performance management connected to your control device equipment with realtime data.

Pumping System Assets

Smart Pumping Stations

Pumping systems are critical assets that require real-time monitoring using variable speed to control suction head and discharge pressues with pumping loads curves to run at peak performance while prolonging the life cycle and efficiency of the pumps. We offer IIoT remote monitoring solutions with real-time data, web visualation, alarms, and historical data analyzing MTTF and MTBF potential failures. We bring the data, alerts and analytics to your desktop or smart phone.

Building battery storage

Building Battery Storage

Utilities are building out energy storage with distributed energy resource management and buildings are adding PV and energy storage to off-set energy bills and building to be more self-reliant with thier energy needs. Together there are oppotunities for buildings to sell back excess capacity, and understand when is the best times to charge and discharge battery banks based on market pricing. We offer open solutions to monitor, control and management these assets with predictive analytics.

Energy Management and Consumption

Building Power Management

Every building or facility that is feed from utility feeders is metered and must manage its own power disbutribution with medium voltage switch gear, power quality management, transformers, and load banks (inductive, resistive, capactive) to distribute power loads through out its facility and assets. Our asset management systems manages and montiors both utilities and customers helping the balance loads, PF, kW, kWh, kVARS, phase angle, and power quality integrated with thier emergency standby power.

Chiller and Cooling Towers

Combined Heat and Power

Actively managing assets in real-time is essential for the efficient and sustainable operation. We offer both cloud remote IIoT an local management with the monitoring performance and maintenance activities with CHP building and facility assets to maintain the performance, efficiency, energy and to extend its useful life. Learn about how Factory IQ, solutions extend and improve the performance with our solutions, platforms, and predicitve analytics using real-time and historical data.