Industrial, Energy and Engineering Assessments

Smart Manufacturing Assessments

Industrial Assessments and Roadmaps

Every company is looking to improve, eliminate waste, reduce costs, optimize performance and sustain efficiencies. Understanding your "as-Is", "future", and gap states is critical to finding hidden opportunities and money in your operational and quality processes. We help identify new opportunities between you strategy, organization, people, equipment, and processes reducing waste to be more adaptive and responsive to achieve new growth. Factory IQ's operational Opx study finds the hidden money in your processes with new approaches, ideas and smart factory technologies.

Our assessment provides detailed questions about your inventory, performance, quality and maintenance. The process involves workshops, surveys, interviews, and process mapping documenting use cases. We study your gaps, people, process and IT with your scheduling, resources, allocations, BOM's, material flows, WIP, rework, machines and assets.

Assessment and Engineering Studies

Manufacturing IT, Surveys, Workshops, Use Cases, Costs, and Analysis

    • Planning and Scheduling
    • Inventory and Order Management
    • Scheduling Resources and Material Movements
    • Process Cells, Routing and Equipment
    • Asset Performance Management
    • Manufacturing IT Systems (SCADA, HMI, OEE, Historians, PLC, CMMS)
    • Plant IT/OT Infrastructure, Security, Control Systems,
    • Recipe Management and Batching
    • Process Mapping, Lean Mfg. and Value Streams
    • Metrics, Measures and Product Tracking
    • Energy Demand, Consumption and Efficiency (WAGES)
    • Down Time, Cycle Time and Production Reporting
    • Quality Management, Lab Samples, Process Calculations
    • Automated Packaging Lines, Filling, Palletizing
    • Finished Goods Inventory and Promised Delivery Dates
Smart Manufacturing Packaging Lines