About Us

Portland, Oregon
Smart Manufacturing, Production, and Quality
    • Assessments, Roadmaps and Engineering Studies
    • Production and Resource Scheduling
    • Asset Performance Management (APM 4.0)
    • Communications: Industial IoT Gateway, OPC-UA Protocols
    • Equipment Efficiency & Downtime, Product Tracking,
    • Batch Recipe Management and Control
    • Process Automation, AutoID and Packaging
    • Instrumentation, Vision, Camera, and Laser
    • Quality Control and Finished Goods Inventory
Smart Buildings, Data Centers, and Energy
    • Building BMS, HVAC, Combined Heat and Power Controls
    • Communications: IoT Gatway, Modbus TCP, BacNet TCP
    • Battery Storage and Solar PV Systems
    • Energy Management, Measurement and Verification
    • Water, Gas, Electric, Fuel and Air Meter Management
    • Facilities Management, Instrumentation and Sensors
Smart Grid and Distributed Energy Resources
    • Virtual Power Plants, Micro-grids and Demand Response
    • Distributed Energy Resources, Control Centers, Substations
    • Battery Storage, Electric Vehicles, PV Solar, and Biogas
    • Electric Utility, Power Quality, Gas and Water Metering
    • Communications: IoT Gatway, Modbus TCP, DNP 3.0, SGIP IEEE-2030.5, ICCP, DER IEC-61850

Our Company

Founded in 2004, Factory IQ a leading US consulting engineering and solutions group headquartered in Sherwood, Oregon. Our consulting, IT and process engineering expertise encompasses 8 industries with many different types of projects, applications, technologies, processes and facilities. What sets us apart is our ability to innovate and roll up our sleeves to solve the toughest business and technical challenges using services and models that connect vendors, customers, demand, operations and fulfillment. We've done it many times delivering results by helping our customers open new market opportunities by achieving new goals.

Our Mission

Our Mission and goal is simple; help our clients get the most out of their assets, people and resources maximizing and sustaining performance. Our goal is to design the best engineered systems with the highest quality control supported by industry best practices and standards.

Our Approach

We focus on the "voice of the customer" listening to your needs, people, and requirements earning your respect as a partner and trusted advisor. We offer new ideas, abilities and better engineered approaches with new emerging technologies to drive operational performance. Our solutions support your strategic initiatives finding better ways to add value giving your company and brand the competitive advantage.

Our Culture

We base our culture on three core values: relationships, passion and quality. These values are integrated into our core strategies as an extended skilled team working with our clients. Supporting, serving and being responsive to our customer needs is priority one. We have a history of building long-term relationships that turns into repeatable business finding better solutions that improves our clients capabilities giving them the competitive advantage.