Industrial Smart Solutions: Assets, IT, Resources and Energy

Business Strategy

Our business strategy consulting helps clients transform their enterprise with industry 4.0 defining new innovative solutions and operating models with new products and services to achieve success.

We speak your language, listen, find the gaps, assess your operations,  IT and equipment aligning gaps between your business strategy, organization, operations, processes, IT, engineering, quality and compliance. Our business strategy process then follows up with a road map and findings to take you to the next step.

Manufacturing and Energy

Take advantage of smart manufacturing and energy approaches using newer technologies to enable flexibility and traceability reducing process variability connecting physical equipment, workflow, and asset diagnostics with your operational processes. Transform your business models, products and services from traditional manufacturing into smart factories with real-time data intelligence. Improve performance, capacity, work-in-progress, and scrap with better quality results. We help our customers increase their asset reliability, performance and quality so you can be more responsive to your customers needs and requirements.

Asset and Process Analytics

Our consulting services helps clients understand what is beneath the surface. Every company has dashboards, measures and metrics but they may not be connected to your control silos, assets, equipment, process flows, and control systems. For instance, 18% of asset failures are age related but 82% of these failures can be attributed to radom patterns with events, alarms and out-of limits process measurements. We help improve operational excellence with your data, analytics and reliabilty driven from internal operations and supply chain processes.

Performance, Remote Assets, and Intelligence

industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing Production

Getting the most out of your assets and resources to increase your reliability and utilization are crticial factors to improving the efficiency, metrics, and costs. Improve your operational excellence taking your production assets to the next level with "Asset Performance Management" using IIoT, predictive analytics, real time data, smart sensors, PLC's, OEE, maintenance, downtime, and supply chain data.

Energy Renewables

Energy, PV and Renewables

Demand management programs such as demand response, energy efficiency and customer enagement are pivotal to ensuring grid reliabity, lower energy costs and meet regulatory FERC compliance. We offer a Distributed Energy Rersource Management platform (DERMS) that transforms your assets into a smart real-time intellignece system integrated into your control center.

Remote Asset Monitoring

Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas industry boosting asset operating efficiency and reducing fixed cost becomes critical to improving process saftey and asset integrity combined with best practices. We help take your asset performance to the next level with our real-time remote monitoring, IIoT and predictive analytic solutions.

Industry 4.0 - Internet of Things (Predictive Analytics)

Sr. Management is interested in taking advantage of the new Internet of Things technology to transform thier operations. In the plant processes, there are significant opportunities to optimize process and maintenance with predicitve analytics by improving asset uptime and safety through techniques using machine sensors, instruments, alarms, diagnostics, maintenance and health data. Let Factory IQ show you the opportunities to improve production performance, worker safety and efficiency, product quality, and customer responsiveness.

  • Asset Health, Failures and Diagnostics
  • Asset Uptime and Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Asset and Tool Setups and Change Overs
  • Reduce process variation through machine learning
  • Improve Asset Maintenance and Energy Efficiency
  • Use Machine learning for Prescriptive and Predictive Intelligence

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Find out how Factory IQ can help you with your next (Industry 4.0) Internet of Things project.