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Smart Manufacturing and Energy | Connecting People, Process and Technology

Industrial Manufacturing Asset Management Performance

Smart Production Lines

Getting the most out of your production line, assets and resources to increase your reliability and utilization are crticial factors to improving the efficiency, metrics, and costs. Improve your operational excellence taking your production systems and assets to the next level with "Asset Performance Management" using IIoT, predictive analytics, real time data, smart sensors, PLC's, OEE, maintenance, downtime, and supply chain data.

Distributed Energy Renewable Management

Smart Distributed Energy

Distributed energy resources manaement, demand response, energy efficiency and customer enagement are pivotal to ensuring grid reliabity, lower energy costs and meet regulatory compliance. We offer a Distributed Energy Resource Management solutions combined with predictive analytics to transform your assets into a smart real-time intellignece system connected to your control center.

Building Energy Asset (CHP) Management

Smart Building Facilities

Optimize your building facilities and efficiency with performance and energy reducing cost. Improving process saftey, and asset integrity combined with best practices. We help take your facility performance to the next level with our real-time remote monitoring, IIoT and predictive analytic solutions.

What's the business value of "Smart Manufacturing"?

Improve Performance, Reliability, and Safety

Beer Bottling Assets
Reduce Risk, Increase Reliability and Utilization
Monitor Equipment Condition and Health Diagnostics, Detect and Predict Failure Analysis

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