Connecting the Enterprise with People, Process, and Technology

  • Production, Energy and OEE
  • Operations and Quality Performance
    Improve employee performance and error proofing with work-instructions and traceability
  • Product Traceability and Root Cause Analysis
    Improve Quality Control and Asset Utilitization with OEE and Traceability
Smart Manufacturing, Energy and Operations Intelligence

In today's competitive market, manufacturing business customers are faced with fast changing challenges in their supply value chain and operations. It is essential to get the most out of your existing assets, people, IT and resources to gain competitive advantage while taking advantage of new opportunities and markets. We help transform traditional factories from cost centers into profit centers with their planning, production control, quality and distribution. By creating the digital thread you increase your capabilities with sales, performance, efficiency and reliability. Connect and integrate your continuous improvement programs with real-time intelligence to take lean-sigma to the next level with new capabilities using Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. Create safer worker environments, better employees, accuracy, equipment utilization, and cycle times by tracking your metrics, performance, materials, operations, and processes with your quality and compliance. This is why companies trust "Factory IQ" to deliver smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 solutions to support your operations and pillars of excellence connecting your people, processes and technology as the digital thread in your facility.

Production Performance

Are you having trouble with process variation, yields and keeping things in control? Is your WIP inventories high, but can't find the source or root cause. Let Factory IQ help you transform your products, assets and resources with better capability and agility.

Analytics - Industry 4.0

Do your metrics, analytics and reports have the right data to enable you and your teams to make the right decisions? Improve your process, production and quality by connecting your enterprise with real-time data to improve your operations.

Quality and Compliance

Quality assurance and compliance is one of the most critical and challenging aspects for any company. Integrate your quality proceses with real-time information and industry standards. Let us help you improve your quality and compliance programs.

Operational Excellence

Eliminating waste can sometimes be like hitting a moving target. Driving cost out of your process and reduce variability to improve quality and throughput is no small task. Let Factory IQ help take your lean and six sigma programs to the next level.

Customer Testimonial

From what I've experienced for a number of years, Factory IQ's enterprise integration approaches are world class, as is their focus on customer service. Factory IQ's staff is well rounded and seeks to understand your business, people and operations from the factory floor to the corporate executive offices. They have a deep understanding of both corporate IT, production and operations integrating real-time systems. I have been a repeat customer for many years in many different venues from utility, distributed generation, energy engineering, labs to smart high tech facilities. They are the first company I come for help developing new systems and integration to solve complex challenges with the business.

Mark Osborn, Sr. Vice President, Five Stars International

Real-Time Enterprise - Products, Assets, Resources and Quality